The new S410 Semi Rugged Notebook.
  • Sunlight Readable Display.

    Our QuadraClear solution combines proprietary technologies for both screen brightness and anti-reflectivity to reduce the sunlight's reflectivity and provide a much higher effective contrast rate than other displays for full sunlight readability.

  • Multiple Military Connectivity Options.

    Multiple military connectivity options to provide unmatched modularity and flexibility. Superior configurability can handle just about anything.

  • Night Vision.

    With a click of a button, have full readability in the pitch darkness while wearing night vision goggles without an external filter.

  • Expansion Bay.

    Expansion bay integrating PCI/PCIE interface or RAID controller board or other in a mobile device to provide easy integration with your defence system.

  • Dual Lan Ports.

    Dual LAN ports to integrate public and private encrypted network communication systems. It also provides ethernet-based high-availability configured functions.

  • Extreme Temperatures.

    Being able to work in any environment is critical. Through the selection of special components, thermal design, heating system and vertification testing we are able to keep the device operating in temperaturesas cold as -29ºC to a scorching 60 ºC.