The new S410 Semi Rugged Notebook.

Sealed for Safety

The ruggedly designed EX80 tablet delivers Windows
touchscreen technology to the frontlines of the oil and
gas industry. Certified for duty under harsh conditions and
where fire hazards may be present, the EX80 brings
unmatched image clarity, precision input ability, and
maximum safety, along with the proven power of the
Windows 10 operating system, wherever work takes you.

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Getac V200
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BackLIT Keyboard
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  • Dedicated GPS

    The EX80's dedicated GPS offers better search capacity, faster location positioning, and improved accuracy.

  • Advanced WWAN Performance

    The EX80’s WWAN configuration provides blazing fast download and upload speeds with fewer dropouts.

  • Dual Band 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi

    Take advantage of faster and more reliable data speeds with the latest wireless technology.

  • Bluetooth 4.0

    Transmit and receive data between Bluetooth® devices with ease.

Getac X500
Getac EX80 Hero Last, Getac Rugged Notebook, Tablet, Handheld 

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